Traces of the litzmannstadt getto

Aguide to the past
Traces of the litzmannstadt getto
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Opis produktu

The author walks the readers through the confined district. Each chapter concerns a different section of the Łódź ghetto ? a street, an institution, a building or a quarter of streets. Presented are, among others, the buildings where various departments, schools, prayer houses, soup kitchens and offices operated during the war. The author writes about Plac Bazarowy, which was the place of public executions, the Radegast Station, from where transports of Jews departed for death camps, and about the Central Prison. However, she also reminds the reader that cultural life flourished in the ghetto, and excellent Jewish artists performed in the Community Center. There is also a description of two separate camps established by the Nazis in the ghetto area: the camp for Gypsies from Burgenland and the camp for Polish children. Each description is followed by quotations from diaries and reports written during the war, including the diaries of Dawid Sierakowiak and Jakub Poznański, post-war memoirs and The Chronicle of the Łódź Ghetto. Maps accompanying each chapter help to find the given place in contemporary Łódź.

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