The english ladder 2 pupil's book

The english ladder 2 pupil's book
Producent: Cambridge University Press
EAN: 9781107400689
Grupa: książka
Język książki: angielski
Rok wydania: 2013
Liczba stron: 80
Oprawa: Miękka
Nasza cena:
35,68 zł
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Status:   24h
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Opis produktu

The English Ladder is a four-level course from an established author team that's designed to help your pupils take their first steps in English. Based around the adventures of Freddie the frog and the Fantastic family, the course develops pupils' language skills through lively stories that can be acted out, valuable phonics practice, songs, tongue twisters, games and communication activities. Progressing from a story-based approach in Levels 1-3 to a topic focus in Level 4, the course grows with your pupils, gradually widening their horizons along with their linguistic ability. The carefully structured literacy syllabus is accompanied by a values syllabus that runs through the stories and teaches essential social concepts such as making friends and sharing.

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